don’t you love it when things turn around for good

after you have waited and hoped for them to,

without knowing if things will work out, especially if the odds have appeared to be stacked against you.

oh, i do.

i love it when things turn around.

when an uncertain situation turns hopeful

when God does things that only God can do.

if we walk (or rather crawl) with God in the valley, won’t He let us celebrate with Him on the mountaintop?

i have come to expect it, because joy has always followed trials in my life.

when i see someone muddling through sorrow or sudden piercing pain, waiting and longing

i know

the celebration is coming

and i begin to petition in my heart…

God, bring the good

show yourself faithful

let us see a miracle with our earthly eyes

do what only YOU can do.

david and I have been in Oklahoma on his family’s farm.

my son came in the other day, upset.

momma, daddy is pulling a sick cow out of the pond.

my eyes widened.

and sure enough, there was a little calf that had been struggling and muddling his way through deep mud and cold water in one of the ponds..

he was weak and exhausted and barely able to respond.

water in his nose and lungs and fatiqued all over.

they managed to get him into the garage where they covered the young calf with blankets and surrounded him with two heaters…

and we hovered around, concerned.

all throughout the day, we tended to him. someone brought him water, another person gave him an antibiotic, and i stroked his head.


it bothered me deeply


when i looked at that calf, i was reminded of how long it takes to regain any strength after we have been in the deep, cold waters of life.

there are some of you that are exhausted, hoping to get up and live again

wanting to bypass all the hard work of struggling through numbness and anger and frustration..

ask God to tend to you..

He will slowly warm your heart over time.

He will medicate you through His word and the encouragement of others..

you will get up


and you will celebrate with Him on the mountaintop.

He can turn things around.

when i woke up the next morning, that fragile calf was on my mind.

to my surprise, he was up wobbling on all four feet, mooing.

it was a clear turn-around, and we were all delighted.

yes, LORD, yes!

turn things around

i want you to get up on both feet to do what only you can do for Jesus.

you need me and i need you. our lives, our struggles, and our victories are interwoven.

where ever you are, whatever you are muddling through, i want you to know

that if God has you in the valley, He has plans for a turn around. hold on.

“So encourage each other and build each other up.” 1 Thes 5:11