an emotional day, as whitney houston’s memorial was held.

talent and heart and faith and humanness all wrapped up in one life.

and they used the service as a chance to proclaim the gospel..the best news yet.

oh, how i hope that is what is done at the end of my earthly stint.

the word of God spoken, praise songs sung, full of the message of joy and hope

arms lifted high into the air

voices in tune with the heavenly angels

and the realization that there has been a great VICTORY as i enter the pearly gates…

with an understanding that with every loss there is great gain for those who believe.

that is something that i have had to consider before i blogged again because

there is great risk in saying who you are like you mean it, especially on a public forum

there are others that may disapprove, or withhold support

and when someone chooses to be honest beyond what is comfortable, some privacy is lost.

but without a bold voice, stories of redemption and triumph are held under the lid of fear

and fear is from Satan.

i want to be led by something much bigger…by the will of a living LORD and use my voice to make an imprint for the kingdom..

to tell of God’s goodness, and His mercy, and the way He has redeemed me from the pit.

I want to give hope a voice, because everyone needs to hear how personal God can be,

and He has been so personal to me.

my name is jenni. i am a wife, and mother of two miracles.

i have seen the hand of God move in my life in ways that are undeniable.

my gratitude is immeasurable


i have carried pain in my bones, and anger in my veins.

i have known great joy and great sorrow, and walked right into real life miracles.

and what i want, more than anything else, is for someone to see what brilliant things that God has done for me and know….it was Him, not me.

i am, just like you, fallible, imperfect

strong when i need to be

and weak and scared and small in everyday moments.

i am just a vessel, and this is my platform

i want you to know my hope has a voice.