It is Father’s Day. A celebration of love that is woven deep within us. I miss my father. He had a quirky sense of cool that I always admired. A man of few words, he knew just how and when to make me laugh. He was great JOY to...

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walk the mile with you

if you know me well, you might know….i love shoes. my father started it. although he was extremely conservative when it came to the purchases that he made, all the rules went out the window when he ran across a good pair of...

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a turn around

don’t you love it when things turn around for good after you have waited and hoped for them to, without knowing if things will work out, especially if the odds have appeared to be stacked against you. oh, i do. i love it when...

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the miracle has already happened.

it was my second round of in vitro.  the maximum amount of hormone inducing medication injected into bruised muscle. trying to start our own family was a commitment that involved driving 45-minutes every other day for blood work...

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what He sees

Something happened a year or so ago. Out of the ordinary. In the middle of daylight. In front of another person that I had met at Starbucks. It was a casual business meeting. The topic… real estate. I sat with a gal who I...

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//to babble//

to babble: to blurt out impulsively   i need to babble more. oh, please tell me i’m not the only one…. who needs to declare freedom in Jesus after i am done talking to myself. saying things like “you’ll never get there. it...

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bury it deep.

I suppose it is the most helpless that I have ever felt, sitting in the doctor’s office, stunned and for once, unable to dictate the course of my future. The doctors predicted that our odds of having children together would be...

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