a work of art. a work of our hearts.

david and i are in the smoky mountains trees stand straight up and tall limbs tower over us the water rumbles over big rocks and we marvel at the way God has crafted His creation. this world is a work of art.  this world is a...

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at the dog park.

Christmas. there are reasons that i love it, and other parts of the holiday i could do without.. pressure. time-sensitive expectations.  the whirl of it all…the churning of activity and the hope-i-didnt-miss-a-thing fear...

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letting us be.

i have a new friend. we sit on the neighborhood park bench and laugh.. too loud. we don’t judge each other or each other’s kids. life is hard enough when you have a child with a learning difference. one of her sons plays...

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we don’t go back, unless we have to to places where wounds flesh out we don’t go there. we stay...

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preparing for the ONE

i’m not sure why my my mind has wandered back to the many hours I spent in my bathroom as a teenager getting ready for a date. some might say obsessively so… i would wash my hair with several kinds of shampoos so it would smell...

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You are I, we are meant to be lights in a dark world. Our lives are meant to be a story of hope....

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