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what He sees

Something happened a year or so ago. Out of the ordinary. In the middle of daylight. In front of another person that I had met at Starbucks. It was a casual business meeting. The topic… real estate. I sat with a gal who I...

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//to babble//

to babble: to blurt out impulsively   i need to babble more. oh, please tell me i’m not the only one…. who needs to declare freedom in Jesus after i am done talking to myself. saying things like “you’ll never get there. it...

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bury it deep.

I suppose it is the most helpless that I have ever felt, sitting in the doctor’s office, stunned and for once, unable to dictate the course of my future. The doctors predicted that our odds of having children together would be...

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a work of art. a work of our hearts.

david and i are in the smoky mountains trees stand straight up and tall limbs tower over us the water rumbles over big rocks and we marvel at the way God has crafted His creation. this world is a work of art.  this world is a...

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at the dog park.

Christmas. there are reasons that i love it, and other parts of the holiday i could do without.. pressure. time-sensitive expectations.  the whirl of it all…the churning of activity and the hope-i-didnt-miss-a-thing fear...

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the night before

It was October 27th, 2008. Everything in my life had come to a halt. I had feared my father’s death for as long as I could remember. Sitting in my father’s study, just a room away, I knew he was breaths away from his heavenly...

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