Devoted Dreamer Podcast with Merritt Onsa

IF YOU HAVE EVER RUN AWAY FROM THE DREAM GOD’S GIVEN YOU, THIS WAS THE EPISODE FOR YOU. If fear has kept you from walking forward in your God-shaped dream, this episode will remind you that you’re not alone. This conversation with Jenni will provide perspective on how to finally move forward even if you can’t see the finish line. In this interview, Jenni gives us the assurance that God is in control and that we can trust Him enough to surrender our dreams to Him. She shares two intimate, real-life stories that are her constant reminders of these...

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Interview on A Time To Dream Radio

A time to dream radio show is A SHORT WAVE RADIO PROGRAM THAT REACHES ISOLATED PARTS OF THE GLOBE. In this interview Jenni candidly discusses her early years, the trauma that accompanied the dysfunction, and her passion for spreading hope and encouraging others. Jenni visits with Donna Skell and Lisa Burkhart Worley on A Time to Dream Short Wave Radio...

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Interview with Kat Lee on Inspired to Action Podcast

Jenni visits with Kat Lee about the miraculous way she became a Mother and highlights considerations when one is raising a child with a learning difference.  Jenni gives advice to other parents who may be recieving news of their children’s diagnosis and shares some early warning signs of learning differences.  She shares how she handled recieving news about her son’s learning disability and dicusses the specific prayer that she prays for her son.  She concludes with some tips on advocating for your child and gives listeners tip on what to say and not to say to a parent of...

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Interview on Voice America’s “Living Well With Ann Beal”

In a two-part interview, Dr. Jenni Eastin visits with Ann Beal highlighting God’s faithfulness throughout her experiences as a child of an addict and her journey through infertility. If you have experienced infertility, grief, loss, depression, addiction, and hopelessness. If you have felt the heaviness of desperation and have pondered your own resiliency and ability to endure when faced with tragedy and loss, this episode will encourage, strengthen and empower you. Dr. Jenni Eastin has been deeply in and has come steadfastly out of each one of these and she now speaks nationally giving others the belief and motivation that they can change their life and live the life they dream of. LIVING WELL WITH ANN BEAL pt. 1 by Ann Beal LIVING WELL WITH ANN BEAL pt. 2 by Ann Beal...

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