I am a private person by nature, until I find something that I am passionate about… and telling stories about God’s goodness and His faithfulness in my life is at the top of that list.

I love to write and speak about the transforming power of a merciful, purposeful God. After watching God turn barren land into abundant land in my life, I gratefully proclaim the freedom that can only be found by having an intimate relationship with God.

Other things I write about:  mothering, infertility, God’s great love for us, healing and wholeness, grief, celebrations, overcoming, prayer and praise, and things that encourage me or things that move me.


The Everyday Me…
I love: spending time with my husband, watching our children grow, riding on the family boat, jumping waves at the beach, having a good conversation over coffee with trusted friends, and combing through racks of clothing and old books at thrift shops. I feel most comfortable with my hair up in a bun in comfortable clothes.  Oh, and I wear socks with my sandals {at home… ok…sometimes to the store}.

Ten things to know about me:

I am from the South.  I talk like a Texan, and have lived in the area all of my life.

I am an introvert (INFJ, in fact).  That means that I like to spend time alone, and prefer small groups of people.

I love to laugh hard.  I will take a conversation to a ridiculously silly level just to squeeze any amount of entertainment from I believe you should be extremely comfortable in your own home, around your family.  I.e.  creative, expressive dance moves are encouraged at our house when we play music.

I love to celebrate anything. I love to make over other people’s accomplishments and buy them suitable gifts.

When others tell me the utter truth about their lives, their struggles or victories, I turn into a charismatic preacher and throw out “Amens” and “Praise you, Jesus” all over the place.

I enjoy rugged outdoor activities and appreciate some “guy humor” and I like to get my hair done, take care of my skin, and decorate my home.

I am ferociously loyal.  If we have been friends at any point in my life, I will pick right up where we left things and will remind you of all the brilliance I see in you.

I love to sleep comfortably.  I prefer fine linens (that smell like they just came out of the dryer), a hand-tied mattress, and love those scented, good-smelling warmers in my bedroom (my husband has them on timers.  I love that man.)

I work really hard.  I take my responsibilities very seriously and want to represent God with all authenticity.

Me On Paper:
Birth Place: San Antonio, TX Graduate: Churchill High School, San Antonio, TX Advanced Degrees: BS: Bachelors in Education at Baylor University, Waco, TX MEd: Masters of Education in Behavioral Disorders, University of North Texas, Denton, TX PhD: Doctor of Philosophy in Behavioral Disorders and Administration, University of North Texas, Denton, TX

Connecting with Me:
If you are interested in talking with me or have an event in mind that may be in line with my message, please reach out to me here:  speaking contact form here.

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