A few times a year, I leave my maternal nest and pray that God will give me life-changing words to speak…. About God’s goodness, and His mercy, and the miracles I have seen in my very own life. Thank you for considering me. I speak because I believe that when we share our struggles and triumphs, we make meaningful connections.  We begin to peel off the layers of the superficial and nurture the real.

Looking at each other through the lens of grace, we begin to love each other deeply, flaws and all.  We can imagine walking in each others’ shoes.  We can cry together, and celebrate, and believe that God can do anything…together. I may expand the list of topics that I speak on as God gives me creative, fresh ideas, but, here are the topics that I currently feel comfortable addressing:

A Beautiful Mess

This is my personal testimony.  I can tailor this talk to cover different facets of my testimony, depending on the listener.  Topics I feel comfortable covering include:

  • My experiences as a child of an addict.
  • The different facets and rippling effects of infertility.
  • The miraculous ways that God has shown me that He was right in the middle of my heart-ache.
  • How God has redeemed my greatest hopes and dreams.
  • Grieving and the process of letting God transform your pain.
  • How I learned to trust God in the small spaces, while holding onto hope.
  • Learning to celebrate in everyday moments.


Lessons from the Pit

This message lays out specific strategies to help others navigate some of the most difficult seasons in life. In this talk, I discuss:

  • Strategies to deal with grief and traumatic life-changing events.
  • How to trust when nothing makes sense.
  • When to reach out for help, and who to trust.
  • How to stay faithful in the most challenging times.
  • How to change your expectations to match the challenge.
  • How to become a life-changing agent in the middle of your weakest moments.


His answer has always been “YES.”

Join me as I share how to look beyond the present circumstances in our lives with a sense of anticipation.  What if you could:

  • Understand more about God’s heart for you?
  • Meditate on key scriptures that hold great promise for your life?
  • Begin to see each “no” as a gateway to a better “yes?”
  • Learn to trust God with the faith of a child?
  • Wake up every morning knowing that every setback can be turned into an opportunity for God to reveal Himself and work in your life for good?
  • Hand your greatest fears and dreams to God and begin to enjoy the journey…more?


Coming Soon:  Roots and Reach

Coming Soon:  The Power of One


Testimonials from Recent Speaking Engagements

“Our Women’s Group was beyond blessed to hear Jenni’s beautiful and heart-felt testimony.  Her story of trusting and crying out to the Lord in the midst of the pain she endured was honest, powerful, and relatable.  She is an engaging and entertaining speaker who consistently brings focus and glory back to the Lord and reminds you to look for His hand in all aspects of life.  Her journey of strength, humor and heartbreak will encourage you to cling to the promise that…”He who has begun a good work in you will carry it on to completion.”

“I admire Jenni for her courageous, open heart.  She delivered her story in such a unique and special way.  Her graceful vulnerability translated into such mighty strength.  She inspired me, made me laugh, made my cry and taught me things about infertility that I never knew.  Although I have never struggled with that particular issue, I was transfixed by her story.”

“Jenni’s journey was an inspiration for all women, not only those who have struggled with specific disappointments.  Her focus on God’s will and timing rather than her own challenged me in every area of my life.”

“Jenni Eastin exudes humor, compassion and grace.  She blessed and encouraged our group by recounting some insurmountable struggles, while highlighting ways to deal with the mess in the middle of our climb.  Jenni communicated the word of God in a relatable, deep and challenging way. She reminded us that God is fighting for us and constantly affecting our lives in ways we will never fully understand.”

“Jenni is a bright, inspirational speaker who details what it means to swim upstream. With a quirky, endearing sense of humor, she demonstrates what it feels like to come out on the other side of a trial. I would recommend Jenni to any group that is interested in knowing how God can actually strengthen our lives during challenging times. She helped others in our group reframe their heartache and embrace God’s sovereign will. She made us cry. She made us laugh. She strengthened our resolve.”

If you have an event in mind that is in line with my message of hope, feel free to reach out to me here.