Embryos 001

my answer has always been “yes.”

yes to God having His way..

yes to you

to doing all I could to place you in the best care, no matter what it cost.

yes to God’s very best.


It is hard for me to say in human words

the pull you have on my heart

before you are even born

the welling up of my entire life

the belief that I have in you

the “yes” I feel about everything you will do.


There will never be anything to separate us, really.

Our lives will be threaded with memories

woven with words and unaltered acceptance

no matter what.


You will always be my next thought.


I will remember you bouncing on my lap

singing in the front seat of my car

I will listen to you with ears that take in more than your voice


I will enter you into a secret place

the part of me you first came from

And there, my son, you can fully rest

and know beyond knowing

my answer has always been “yes.”


To Grant Hawkins Eastin

Love, Your Mother